Senior Environmental Analyst - To £58K Package

Happy in your current role, however open to a better opportunity?

With a least five years' experience in Building Physics, Energy and Sustainability you're probably the type of individual who enjoys delivering environmental design and sustainable design solutions at the master planning, pre-planning and concept design stages of a project.

As a Building Physics expert, you've been involved in dynamic thermal modelling, building energy performance, thermal comfort studies, building performance engineering and microclimatic studies on a range of high-profile UK buildings.

You're probably fairly happy in your current role; however, you would consider a new role if you could get involved in more exciting projects, offered more flexibility, or perhaps offered a better working environment.

As a Senior Environmental Analyst / Sustainability Engineer / Sustainability Consultant you'll get to work on a range of master-planning projects across the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. And, rather than getting pigeon holed into doing just compliance modelling, overheating studies or thermal comfort studies; you'll get involved in a bit of everything.

That's right, you'll be involved in ASHRAE 90.1 modelling, LCA and embodied carbon studies, R&D, scripting, parametric modelling, benchmarking studies, liaising with architects and clients and also contributing towards the LETI.

Rather than being forced to work from the office every day, you can choose to go in two, three or four days a week to suit your own schedule. Plus, on the days you do into the office, you'll be able to start early (8am) and finish early (4pm); or start late (10am) and finish late (6pm).

Or if you prefer to work an extra hour, 4 days a week (which let's face it, most of us are already doing) you can finish at 1pm every Friday.

Having worked with this consultancy for over a decade, I can confidently say they do offer one of the best working environments and best cultures in the industry.

But don't just take my word for it, get in touch with me and I can arrange an initial, no strings attached conversation with the Director of Environmental Design and Sustainability.

If you have an up to date CV great, if you don't, that's also OK as we can arrange the initial chat without a CV.

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